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Adolescent Counseling

To say that being an adolescent is difficult is a vast understatement: it is one of the most challenging times in a teen’s life.

A decade long process starting from 12 years old to 22 years old, adolescence is a lengthy transition period.

During this time, your teenager is dealing with transitions and ambiguity in terms of who they are. Questions abound including: “Am I a child, or am I an adult?” “What can I get away with?” “What is expected of me at home, school, with my peers?” and ultimately “Who am I and what is the mark I am going to leave on the world?”

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My goal is to help children and adolescents not only succeed but thrive so they can live a happy, passionate and confident life.

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The challenges of adolescence can lead to rebellion, risky behaviors, increased mood swings, and a search for meaning and purpose. Left untreated, teens can start to exhibit anxiety, depression, substance abuse issues, and impulse control disorders.

My goal is to help teens thrive by exploring past and present challenges, creating better solutions, building a stronger mindset, and supporting them to achieve their goals.

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Counseling for Children

They say growing up is hard.

Now look at it from the eyes of a 6- to 11-year-old. The days of taking naps in school, learning the ABCs and 123s are gone. Expectations and demands change, kids are graded on tests, they are expected to do homework, and often the love of learning that you see in children begins to disappear.

This is the timeframe where all the little apprehensions turn into greater concerns as they can no longer be ignored, including inattentiveness, hyperactivity, worry, moodiness, and anger.

Counseling at this stage is about providing your child with the resources and skills necessary to manage these new expectations and demands in order to help them function at their best.

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As parents, we want our children to feel seen, safe, soothed, and ultimately secure.

Children and teens often want the same thing. However, they do not always know the proper way of making that happen.

This often leads children and teens to act out in ways that can quickly get out of control. When this happens, parents start to wonder: “Is this something we did?”
“What is happening in our child’s life?” and “How can we get them on back on the right track?”

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